Everything You Need To Build Your 
First Profitable Shopify Store!

Viral Vault provides you with all the tools, training & support you need to find your first $10k/month product

Everything You Need To 
Build Your First Profitable Shopify Store!

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For Just $67/Month You'll Receive:

For Just $67/Month You'll Receive:

  • 2 Hand-Picked Winning Products Delivered Daily
  • ​​​​Weekly Coaching Calls With Jordan Welch
  • ​Private Community With 24/7 Support & Coaching
  • ​Beginner Friendly Crash Course From Industry Experts
  • ​Plug & Play Video Ads & Descriptions
"I started Viral Vault in 2018 & since then we've helped over 1,000 real people start their first shopify store. Are you next?"
- Jordan Welch

The all-in-one ecom toolkit

Access the exact system I used to make millions on Shopify!

Get 2 winning products daily & everything you need to sell them.

With every product you'll receive ads, descriptions, competitor data, suppliers & copywriting from our highly trained marketing team that's been responsible for millions in eCommerce revenue.

And watch over-the-shoulder as I show you how to build your store, run your ads & manage your business in our crash course.

What's Inside Of Viral Vault?

Our students success is our top priority so every decision we make and every "pillar" inside of our company is designed solely with you in mind. 


Get 2 Winning Products Every Day

Get 2 winning products delivered to you every single day. Each product is selected by the team at Viral Vault & personally reviewed by Jordan Welch before it's delivered!


Access Our Detailed Training Program

Access our training program taught by industry experts with over $10m in combined sales. You'll learn everything you need to build a profitable store!


Personal Coaching

Get coached through the entire process by our team of six & seven figure eCom coaches. You can ask them any questions in our community and they will respond, 7 days a week.


Plug-And-Play Ads

Each product comes with a custom-made video ad, just add your own branding to them and launch within minutes.


Work With Jordan

Talk with Jordan every week on a group coaching session for feedback, questions & reviews.


24/7 Support Team

24/7 dedicated customer success team ready to answer any questions you might have during your journey.

Instantly access our elite team of experts

The value of having a team of experts assisting you in building your business is second to none. 
From doing product research, to creating product descriptions, video ads... everything! 

Thing is, getting your own team is wildly expensive. 

It costs us thousands per month to keep our team running

By the time you have found 2 people and trained them, they will likely already have cost you hundreds of dollars.

Especially as a beginner, it's very unrealistic and can be discouraging.

As well as costing you around $250/day to research 3 products and write descriptions..

With Viral Vault you only pay $67/month for a team of dedicated researchers solely focused on helping you get results.

That's less than $2/day.. compared to $250, that's quite the savings.

As a matter of fact, you can easily cover the cost with just 1 sale a month!

Listen to what our students have to say about Viral Vault

"I Went From $0 To $100k/Month In Less Than 3 Months With Viral Vault"

- Abbas A.

"I Found My First Winning Product That I Scaled To Over $1,000,000 In 1 Year"

- Maxwell M.

"From working with Jordan I sold over $4.4 million of products on my store!"

- Matt T.

"I'm on track to hit $200,000 this month, thanks to these training videos"

- James M.


Jordan Welch

I have been pursuing entrepreneurship and starting companies since the age of 14... after 5 failed businesses I have discovered my passion is in digital marketing and eCommerce, so therefore I went all in.

Using the last $2,000 that I had leftover from a student loan refund check, I launched my eCommerce business on the first day of summer and worked 12-15 hours every single day at growing this business.

In my first year, I did over $700,000 in sales and I haven't looked back ever since. Now 5 years later, my stores have generated millions in sales & I recently sold my biggest store for a life changing amount.

After consistently getting questions about how I did it, I decided to not create a "course", but a complete all-in-one platform, hence "Viral Vault"

My values lie in transparency, authenticity and shamelessly providing value. That's what you will find here.

See you inside,
Jordan Welch

Answering your most frequently asked questions

Our mission is to give you an unfair advantage on your competition, so you can start and scale your own successful e-commerce business and work from anywhere.

With our Viral Vault platform you instantly gain access to a team of dedicated professionals delivering you ready-to-test products every single day with 24/7 support & guidance.

Looking forward to having you with us,

- Jordan Welch


7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

No question asked 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with our product you can get your money back.

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
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